Welcome to the W1SDM Weather Directory

current.txt is a text file that indicates the current conditions in Minneapolis Minnesota. This file is updated hourly, on the hour.

forecast.txt is a text file the contains the forecast for the next 2 days.

hwo.dat is the Hazardous Weather Outlook for Hennepin County in Minnesota. This file is updated every 6 hours from the National Weather Service.

monitor.log shows the output from checkMonitors.pl which is a Perl program that makes sure that any process that is monitoring or updating information on the various web sites is still running. Weather Monitor creates the hwo.dat, wwa.dat and status.html files which are used by Metro Skywarn and the Isanti County Skywarn web sites. Traffic Incident Updater is the program that updates the twincitiestraffic.com web pages. These program cannot be run as cron jobs because the intervals between updates is variable and I don't want to re-write crontab all the time.

status.html is an explanation of the Net Status Graphic for Metro Skywarn and Isanti County Skywarn. This explains why the Net Status Graphic is set the way it is.

weather.txt is a combination of current.txt and forecast.txt.

weatherMonitor.log is the log file of weatherMonitor.pl, a Perl program that creates the files in this directory.

wwa.dat is the file that contains the watches, warnings and advisories for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.


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